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Our programs are centered on those that promote learning in a fun and encouraging environment.  These skills are essential for special needs people to live happy and independent lives. 



  • Athletics – Bowling, Basketball, Swimming, etc.

  • Dance / Exercise Classes

  • Arts and Crafts


    Robotics & Technology




These classes are crucial to learn how to manage their home, family, and finances in the most

efficient way.  Managing personal finances such as counting money and making change, making purchases at stores/ecommerce, paying bills, balancing checks, managing bank accounts, etc. Simple house chores such as helping set up table, loading/unloading dishwasher, folding clothes, etc.  Personal safety such as awareness of danger signs, understanding personal and home security, etc.   












A lot of kids with special needs are at risk of social isolation, so we created a buddy program called, Friendship Circle, to create social and recreational opportunities for these kids.  They are partnered with typical peers in the same age group or interests.  This program not only helps kids with special needs, but also volunteers gain some understanding of the challenges that their buddies face.  Most importantly, these kids gain lasting friendship!


We also host events to help them mingle and be themselves in a safe, non-judgmental place with peers who share the same challenges.  Social activities such as Bowling or holiday parties are some of the events we will provide.  












The majority of special needs individuals are unemployed or underemployed.  They are often not presented with many options.  Many even feel they don’t have any choices.  CPM Foundation wants to change that mindset.  By identifying the talents of each of these special individuals, we will teach them to capitalize on these talents and make them into earning opportunities.  With the confidence of knowing they can do it on their own without relying on others for employment, they are empowered to do it ON THEIR OWN!






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